I am a Mother with 2 grown up kids, Divorcee, Teacher with over 15 years Classroom experience, Author, Women's Transformation Coach and certified Yoga & Meditation Teacher. I love many things including: coffee, vegetarian food, travel, intimacy, documentaries, music, and dogs.

My mission is to help middle aged women to shift from crisis into transformation to live a better life.

My story has taken me all over the world in search of how to reclaim my body, mind and spirit.

Over the years, I have had personal experience with many challenging concerns such as anxiety, panic attacks, binge eating, alcohol, prescription drugs, PTSD, suicide and deep psychosis.

As a result, I have vast experience with many well-intentioned professionals to support these unwanted conditions in order to become manageable. Yet, these aren’t the kind of things that people just, ‘get over.’

Fortunately, nothing could be further from the truth right now.

A few years ago, after the passing of my dear Father and brother's suicide, I experienced a deep, understanding of life that changed everything for me.

This profound, transformational experience is the basis of everything that I teach and write about today. It is the foundation of how I help women transform in mid-life. Some call it a mid-life crisis, i call it an opportunity for mid-life transformation and growth. For me, true wisdom is shifting a crisis into a blessing.

In a Nutshell

By working closely together, we reveal the gold hidden in life's challenges, we come to understand Limiting Beliefs, the importance of communication and ownership of what you are projecting onto the world that holds you back. We discuss empowering techniques to choose nourishing foods, improve sleep, move better, be emotionally intelligent, and feel less distracted.

To essentially, come out of the head of thinking and doing and shift into the heart space of feeling and being

It's evident that our world is becoming a nation of addicts; addicted to work, mobile phones, social media, 24/7-entertainment, Netflix binges, sugar, wheat, extreme exercise and stress. These are very common addictions which have developed within the last few years alone.

In my opinion, these addictive ‘distractions’ have added stress and uncertainty to not only to my clients but to the Health and Wellness industry in general.

In particular, extreme exercise has left many of my clients feeling more stressed than ever and has definitely left many with some chronic injuries. By the way, another growth sector is in the specialist rehab market, so no surprises there.

Living in the 21st Century, is no easy task. Consider the many hats of responsibility we unassumingly wear, in a predominantly masculine, 'in the head' energy field as well? No wonder we can feel stuck and struggle from a lack of knowing and loving the self deeply, which cathartically happened to me before i learnt how to turn on my own light switch 360 degrees.