‘Just for Me’ Complete Intensive Retreat

Are you ready to

~ Step away from the grind of daily life?

~ Reconnect with your self ?
~ Deeply relax and breath again?
~ Control your health?
~ Move into a new version of yourself?

Join me for a complete transformational coaching journey, just for you?

Learn how to deeply relax.

Explore a deep immersion into your inner world, to uncover the woman you seek to be and reveal your gold, hidden in life's challenges.

Each Retreat package is completely bespoke and therefore will be specifically tailored to suit your needs. In essence, the structure could look like this:

In the first instance we will have a 30 minute Skype Discovery Call to discuss your current needs and goals around your health and well being. We will discuss all areas of your life as everything is connected. Not only will this help me to prepare for your Retreat but it will also help me to find out If you are ready and committed to make lasting positive changes in your life and if we have a natural resonance to journey together.

After which, should you choose to experience a complete personalized programme, a 7-day preparation plan will be put in place beforehand, in order for you to experience optimal benefits.

Post Retreat, a 7-day integration programme will follow. including a follow up Post Retreat Skype Call.

All support and so much more, will be given accordingly so that you can have the maximum opportunity to explore and discover so much more about yourself, in due course.

A typical day can look like this:

~ Check-in: Herb tea

~ AM: 1:1 Guided Yoga & Mediation practice

~ Vegetarian breakfast

~ Contemplation/Free time/silence

~ PM: Vegetarian Lunch

~ Two hours 1:1 Coaching Journey

~ Nature bath/Walking Mediation/Self Loving Practices-(options vary)

~ Contemplation/free time/silence

~ Vegetarian Dinner

~ Circle Time -1 hour

~ Check-out: Herb tea

~ Sleep

Transformational and complete 1:1 women’s retreat.

Give yourself permission to feel safe and secure to reveal the woman you seek to be; guided safely in the hands of an experienced intuitive coach at your service 24/7.

Learn to let go of the limiting beliefs that hold you back from blossoming. Learn how to take charge of yourself by better regulating your energy throughout the day.

Investment includes:

· All meals, drinks & supplements

·Private accommodation in Peak District Retreat Centre or TBA

· 1:1 Coaching throughout the Retreat programme

· Pre and Post Retreat Guidance

· Follow up Skype Call

The Retreat Outcome

At the end of the Retreat you will experience deep relaxation of body, mind and spirit.

You will also experience some or all of the following:

You will have a deeper understanding of yourself, more acceptance of the events in your life so far, and clarity around your direction in life.

  • ~ You will be able to celebrate your life

  • ~ You will be able to feel into your body and reconnect

  • ~ Your body will return to its normal healthy state

  • ~ You will have an abundance of energy like never before

  • ~ You will learn how to channel energy through your body

  • ~ Improved knowledge of your own unique nutritional needs

  • ~ Empowerment to help others

  • ~ Greater confidence when engaging with others

  • ~ More compassion for yourself and others

  • ~ Improved relationships in all areas of your life

  • ~ Having confidence to set your own boundaries and say no to things

  • ~ Improved lifestyle choices in all areas

  • ~ An ending to addictive and distractive behaviors controlling your life

  • ~ You will have a career that is fueled by passion

~ Confidence to take a leap of faith into the career you deserve

~ Money will become your friend

~ Renewed fire and passion for adventure in your life

~ Acceptance of your own sexuality and past

~ More presence and confidence in the bedroom

~ A greater capacity to know your partner’s needs

~ Also, you will have more confidence to implement yoga and meditation into your daily life.

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Thank you. Sarah